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Ulrik R.S. fan Top en Twel  STER  -  Alwin 469  x  Brandus 345  x  Jochem 258 Foalbook STER Stallion

November through to now has been a very busy time at Twin Rivers Friesian Horse Stud  - our newest family member arrived from Holland, Ulrik R.S. STER came out of quarantine in time for our breeding season.

We are very grateful to Petera Zeelen & Doeke Hoekstra of Blackhorse Projects in the Netherlands for helping us secure Ulrik, and we look forward to the coming months where we will be getting out to some comps with Ulrik & Vincent's talented rider - Bonnie, onboard.



Vincent of Twin Rivers :
Norbert 444 x Jorn 430 x Jurjen 303

November saw our very special Vincent of Twin Rivers not only turn 4 years old, but come full circle in our Twin Rivers breeding program - Vincent was a frozen semen, embryo transfer foal - and our enormous thanks to Dr Steve Williams, his wife, Michelle, and the fabulous team at Total Eqine Genetics, Camperdown, for their expertise in helping us deliver Vincent's first foals in November & December 2018.  Hannes, Hugo & Sapphire are all growing in to beautiful Friesians, and are now being offered for sale - please contact us for more information.




Haiko of Twin Rivers - Main Foalbook colt  :  For sale
Gerben 479  x  Jorn 430  x  Jurjen 303

Christmas eve saw our gorgeous Afke fan Dulve foal deliver a stunning main studbook colt in the early hours of the morning.  Haiko has his father's impressive upright stance and has been blessed with amazing movement from both his parents.  Haiko is being offered as a future breeding prospect as he is DNA free of Hydrocephalus, Dwarfism and Chestnut Factor, he is registered with the KFPS and his price includes mortality insurance until April 2020.  Please contact us for more information on any of our progeny we have for sale.


Yannick of Twin Rivers   ***SOLD***
(Wylster 463 x Onne 376 x Laes 278 Main studbook Gelding:

Yannick is by the incredible Wylster 463 out of Iisha of IFB.

Yannick has inherited the fabulous movement of his sire plus loads of hair, coupled with a sensible and keen to learn temperament. 

Yannick has been adopted by Liz & Darren of Victoria, and we look forward to watching his journey with them over the coming years








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