Afke van Dulve

- 2e Ster Studbook Mare
(Jorn 430 X Jurjen 303)
DOB: 23/04/2008

What a gorgeous character this mare is!  When we first met her, our dear friend Bert was steering past her stall in his wheel chair - and gorgeous Afke decided that he couldn't go past until he had given her a hug and pat - rather than retreating to the back of her stall like a couple of the ponies did! 

We finally managed to navigate this precious mare, and bring her out in to the arena where she certainly displayed some amazing action - found my second dream girl : MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

Afke has blessed us with Monique (2012), Vincent (ET 2014) & Vromme (2014 but PTS at 8 weeks), Alieske 2016), Ezze 2017  and is in foal to the amazing Gerben 479 for a late 2018 foal.







PAIGE - 2e Premie Ster Mare
(Laes 278 x Naen 264)
DOB: 13/06/1997

This was our first ever purebred Friesian mare that we met! - and boy, once you meet Paige there is little room to find a better mare! 

Gentle, kind, majestic and commanding - all the qualities that you seek in a Friesian.  We are blessed to be looking after Paige for a while, on behalf of International Friesian Breeders, and have been blessed by the Foal Angels, as Paige delivered our first purebred Wilbert van Gelder colt, Tobias, on Monday 8th December 2014.

Paige has great outcross bloodlines, a factor that we value greatly as a stud - and seek to compliment her bloodlines and have since produced full brothers, Coen 2016 & Eli 2017.



Willow of Blackwood

Willow of Blackwood
- Studbook Mare
Doaitsen 420 x Nanning 374
DOB: 20/01/2007

Willow is currently in our broodmare program, and we thank International Friesian Breeders for allowing us the opportunity to care for Willow in their absence.


Willow has had Matteus (Saor), Rutger (Hotse), Benedict (Wilbert), Freyja (Wilbert) and Gabrielle (Uldrik 457)


Iisha of IFB

Iisha of IFB -Studbook mare
(Onne 376 x Laes 278)
DOB: 28/10/2010

Stunning Iisha . . . . . . daughter of the incredible Onne 376 and out of the amazing Paige (Laes 278 x Naen 264) - WHAT a combination!  And a super low in-breeding coefficient of just  0.59%

This mare has incredible presence, most sweet nature and WOW, can she move!  Iisha hasnow delivered us three stunning foals: Tineke 2e (Norbert 444), Yannick (Wylster 463) & Doeke 1e (Norbert 444)  and she is in foal to our Vincent for a baby this coming season.

We are grateful to International Friesian Breeders for allowing us to care for Iisha. 

Iisha has delivered amazing foals for us:  Tineke (Norbert 444), Yannick (Wylster 463), and Doeke (Norbert 444) and is in foal to our Vincent for a November 2018 foal.


Monique of Twin Rivers

Monique of Twin Rivers - Foalbook Filly
(Felle 422 x Jorn 430)
DOB: 22/03/2012

What a pocket rocket this "little" lady is!  She was bright and feisty when she was born and hasn't looked back. 

Monique has such amazing character - NOTHING fazes her, and is tolerant of others bossing her around.

She is my little Princess, who will be with me forever!!  Our 11yo niece, Lilli, has recently started riding her and now she is enjoying pony club and topsy show rings to further her education.


Gabrielle of Twin Rivers